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Iowa Monsanto dealers contacted Iowa Web Development because they were having problems managing inventory especially between seed dealers. Seed dealers were having to physically keep product inventory (with pen and paper) and call each other frequently to ask about inventory levels and see if they could trade products between their dealerships.


Working with local seed dealers, Iowa Web Development created a secure, online inventory management system. This system allowed each dealer to manage their inventory. Not only did the dealer now have an accurate inventory count, but also they also could quickly search inventories of other dealers when trying to locate a product.


Not only did the system save the dealers time when trying to locate products, but also saved an estimated several million dollars a year in seed just in Iowa. Iowa Web Development successfully managed the project for 2 years before Monsanto took the application in-house and released it nationwide.

To complete this project, Iowa Web Development utilized:

  • Enterprise Web Application
  • Custom Inventory Management
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Custom Content Management
  • Database Development
  • Training & Support
  • Portal Development
Monsanto Company

Client Profile

Monsanto Company
Saint Louis, Missouri

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